Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Steps

Flannel Tunic, Tank Top, and Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Mini-wedges: Payless
Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters
Watch: Target

My first post 30 for 30 outfit. As you can tell, my jeans and shoes are from my 30 items. I'm slowly getting reacquainted with my closet. This is one of my favorite flannel tops and thinking back, I should have picked it as one of my items. Oh well, that's what the next 30 for 30 is for.

I also started some of my Christmas shopping at the local mall today. One of the stores I went into was Hot Topic. I remember when I was in high school being intimidated going in there because they would play loud death metal music and the employees wore mostly black and either had tattoos or multiple piercings. But when I went it there today, it wasn't death metal that I heard, it was a cover of Jay Sean's "Down" and as I was looking around the store, I saw that they were selling Justin Biber and Taylor Swift shirts. Heck, they were even selling her new album. I have nothing against them, but it's just weird seeing their images at that store.
I posted on my Facebook page, "Since when did Justin Biber and Taylor Swift become cool enough to have shirts at Hot Topic?" to which one of my friends replied, "They didn't. Welcome to capitalism."  
Welcome to capitalism indeed.


Brittany said...

Oh no Hot Topic haha. I love this top on you girl!

Sourav's BLOG said...

Awesome clothes.. thanks for sharing...

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