Monday, April 30, 2012

Polka Dots and Green Jeans

Cardigan and Earrings: Express
Blouse: TJ Maxx
Green Jeans and Tank Top: Old Navy
Wedges (re-worked): Payless
Cool outfit detail:
I've had these shoes for a year now and they were starting to look a little worn.
So I decided to give it a little pick me up and add glitter to it. Shiny!
I unintentionally took a little blogging break last week (the Birthday Music Countdown is not included because those are all scheduled posts). I had so much stuff going on that sometimes the extent of my internet usage was either playing The Sims or posting music videos on Facebook, or re-blogging stuff from my favorite fandoms on Tumblr. I also feel like I have some bloggers block going on. I have topics I want to write about, but I never seem to know how to word it. It's that classic writer's syndrome where you think that your written word is never good enough. But I need to break through and I'm going to try by scheduling 15-20 minute blocks where I just write and not worry about how it being clever with my words. Hopefully that will bring in more posts besides my OOTD or Sunday Videos, which I've been mainly doing for the past few months.

But even with my writer woes, I had an awesome weekend. On Saturday after work, I went to a party, where I wore the above outfit, to celebrate a co-workers 21st birthday and it's some of the most fun I had in a while. I didn't get too crazy, (ie: I know for a fact that there will be no drunk pictures of me plastered on Facebook because I was not drunk at all. It's all about pacing yourself.) but I did get out of my shell a little bit. I still danced like crap, more Liz Lemon than Mike Chang, but I wasn't afraid to cut a rug. Plus I had more time to talk to this guy from work that I like and so far the prognosis is good. I got extra cool points from him because I knew that his favorite drink was from The Big Lebowski and my friend told me she noticed some flirting going on. Not going to over think about it, a major problem of mine, and just let things go where they may.

Anyways after mentioning my writers block, I have managed to write quite a bit in this post. Maybe I smashed through the writer's wall without even realizing it. Yay?! 

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