Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Geek in the Pink

Cardigan, Pink Jeans, and Oxfords: Old navy
Top: Express

Although colored jeans isn't exactly a new trend, it's certainly making its mark this year. You can't go into any retail outlet without finding jeans in brightly colored hues. I already have some colored jeans, but nothing this bright. I wasn't sure if this color would look good on me because it's a lot of pink bound to my legs. But I really like it and it's such a fun spring color to wear. For this outfit I decided to keep it simple but still interesting by layering my white leopard top with my grey leopard cardigan. The next time I wear it, I'll add a contrasting color with it. Purple or green perhaps?
I also finally have some nude shoes, well more like nude oxfords. They don't make me look taller (that only applies to heels), but hopefully people won't think that I'm walking around barefoot. 


Laurel Walker said...

I love the coloration of this outfit! It doesn't seem like your normal look but you've pulled it off super well and I think the shape suits you. :) You are really rockin' the colored denim!

Kimberlee VDW said...

Super cute outfit!