Monday, November 7, 2011

Style Inspirations: Color Me Mine

Every spring and fall season, Pantone puts out their Fashion Color Report. Basically it's the colors that will be most popular and were featured in various designer collections during fashion week. 

This years theme for the women's color report is called Sensible and Spirited:

Taking cues from the great masters, sepia tones of old Hollywood, Chinese opera, cityscapes and countryside, designers are paying close attention to texture, contrast and color for fall 2011 – pairing menswear with feminine twists, warm prints with cool metals, incorporating both old and new influences, and creating an intriguing balance between colors.

Some of the colors might scream spring to you, but they are a great way to add color to the black, greys, and other various neutral colors that is worn during the fall/winter season. They bring in some much needed color during those long winter days. 

Here are some outfits I created, using some of the fashion colors as inspiration.

Deep Teal
Pantone Deep Teal

Orchid Rush
Pantone Orchid Rush

Pantone Honeysuckle

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