Sunday, September 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Day One
Blouse: Express
Skirt: Old Navy
Rings: Charlotte Russe and Forever 21
Wedges (not shown): Payless

Day Two
Tie-front blouse, tank (underneath) and pants: Old Navy
Ankle socks: Target
Woven oxford heels: Urban Outfitters


I can now cross off volunteering during the Temecula Valley International Film Festival off my 30 before 30 list! I volunteered on Wednesday and Thursday and while it was a little crazy I really enjoyed doing it. On Wednesday I helped with the finishing touches on the hospitality suite and with the check-in process for the filmmakers and musicians. While I was checking people in, I spotted Xenia from The Voice. She's from the area and was serving as the grand marshal for the festivals opening night parade. I was still helping in with check in so I missed the beginning of the parade. But I was able to get some pictures. 

red carpet
red carpet 3

red carpet 2

Thursday I spent most the day at the volunteer check-in table and taking phone calls. I thought since I'd be sitting for most of my shift, I decided to wear my woven oxfords that was collecting dust. But just my luck, for the last hour I ended up having to walk around and drop things off to other locations in the shopping center. Since it's been a while since I wore heels, I was afraid of tripping, falling and making a total fool of myself. But all I ended up was some achey feet. 

However, I did get to go to one area that I would never go to as a normal movie goer, the projection room. I always thought that the projection room was one little cramped room. That could have been the case back when theaters first appeared, but not the one I went to. Instead it was a long hallway and there was a digital projection camera on each side. They still had some projection cameras that play film. It was just so cool to be in there and if I volunteer next year, I'd want to do that. 

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