Friday, July 29, 2011

Visual Friend Friday: Where I Blog

This weeks Friend Friday topic comes from Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy and it's a visual one. 

I always wonder where bloggers go to write their posts. Do they sit at a desk, go to their favorite coffee shop, or sit comfortably in bed? What area makes them the most productive when it comes to writing for their blog or work in general. So I thought this was a good topic to show where I (attempt to) get things done. 

For me it's my desk. When I first got my laptop my sisters computer that I would use was occupying the desk so I would blog in bed. I did that for 4 months before I finally moved the other computer and I have been comfortably blogging here ever since. So here's some pictures of my workspace. I even cleaned it today!

It still looks a little cluttered, but at least I have enough space for my laptop. Plus now I have another area to work on my crafts and perhaps some sewing too!

Head over here to see where other bloggers get their work done.


Samantha Marie said...

It's so fun to see other people's work spaces! I love your desk :) 

I have that same exact I <3 NY Mug! :) 

Virginia O'Connell said...

I really like your blog!  (And I think your workspace looks so cheerful and fun.)  BUT the reason I am commenting specifically is because I just finished reading those two books at the same time also - what a coincidence!