Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Videos: The 10th Doctor

So this past week I finally got around to watching Doctor Who on instant Netflix and I have to say I'm hooked! Why have I not watched this sooner? It's such a fun, witty and action packed (they do run... a lot) show. It can also be a really emotional, I was bawling by the end of the last episode of season 2. Now I'm on to season 4, the last season with my favorite Doctor played by David Tennant (sad). I think that even when I do get to season 5 with Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor I'll like him. But the 10th Doctor will always be my #1. Plus any guy that can make Chucks work with a sharp looking suit or a tuxedo is aces in my book.

One of my favorite bits from season 2
David with Catherine Tate (who plays Donna, his companion in season 4) in a Comic Relief skit that of course included Doctor Who references. 

Even in short films he runs a lot.

Singing "500 Miles" with The Proclaimers which in turn made me think of this clip...

 I couldn't post the video here, but here's the link: 
David even lets a fan ruffle his hair. Jealous. :P


Jennifer said...

Congrats on discovering the awesomeness that is Doctor Who! Love your blog, by the way. :) Found it through your feature on The Guild blog.

Stephanie said...

I kept hearing and seeing stuff about it that I had to watch it. It was the beat of the drums! I've been checking out your blog also and I love it. You'll probably see a lot of comments from me on there today. :P