Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Post: My Five Favorite Superheroes & What They Taught Me About Fashion

It's finally here! Comic-con! I have some awesome guest bloggers to occupy this space while I'm gone. Give them a warm welcome and don't forget to check out their blogs too!

Hello there Someday Smarter readers (boy is that a mouthful)! While Stephanie is off enjoying Comic Con (and making me ridiculously jealous in the process), I am here to keep you entertained. Oh who am I you ask?  I am Kate and I blog over at Divergent Musings.  My blog is a little bit of everything, life, style, and kittens. But I am not here to talk about those things. Ok, maybe just a little. Anyways, Stephanie and I share the love of a number of different things, including fashion/style, awesome television shows (How I Met Your Mother for the win), and most importantly, incredibly geeky fun stuff like superheroes, video games and comics (she is at Comic Con after all). So when she asked me to guest post for her, I was more than excited. Then I got stumped about what to write.  But after much hemming and hawing, I decided to share with you my love for superheroes AND fashion. I bet you didn’t know the two could be connected, now did you. So here it is, my five favorite superheroes and what they taught me about fashion.

5. Batman (Bruce Wayne)– One of the only DC superheroes that I enjoy, Batman is a mysterious and interesting guy.  A billionaire who lost his parents at a young age, as an adult Bruce Wayne wears perfectly pressed suits, never has a hair out of place, and has a perfectly chiseled jaw line.  He is a proper playboy, never settling down, and seems to only trust one person, dear old Alfred.  So what did this caped crusader teach me about fashion?  First, capes will NEVER go out of style.  Seriously, put one on and you will be instantly more badass.  The cape can be any size or color, and ones that have pockets to hide knick-knacks are even better.  Second, wearing black makes you seem more mysterious, which instantly makes you 100x times hotter.  Do you think Batman would be as fascinating if he had a skintight suit that was bright yellow?  I THINK NOT.  So the next time you are putting together your most mysterious and badass outfit, make sure you wear a lot of black…and don’t forget the cape.

4. Superman (Clark Kent) – The only other DC superhero that I enjoy, Superman is a man of few words.  Some may think this makes him come off as dimwitted and aloof, but frankly, that is what I find endearing about him.  He isn’t of this Earth, but lets be honest, he is still pretty damn smokin’.  Lois Lane, move on over, this one is mine.  As for what this odd young alien-man taught me about fashion?  Lets just go with the glasses. The perfect accessory to hide who you really are, make you look far more intelligent than you actually are, and I can’t lie, glasses are just plain sexy.  Sure he might not need them with his perfect x-ray vision, but without them, he would just be plain old Superman. Ok, I have to be honest, I always preferred him as Clark Kent, though I certainly don’t mind that skintight suit showing off his muscles.

3. Thor – Sure he might be an arrogant ass at times, but you have to admit, he could lay down a butt whooping in a heartbeat.  The son of Odin, and brother of Loki, Thor is known as much for his cocky ways as his giant hammer of doom.  Sure he lives in a faraway mystical land that only the gods can access, and a long distance relationship would be quite difficult, but for him, I would give a try.  So what does a Norse god offer in the way of fashion and style advice?  Well for this one, I think I might veer away from fashion and go more towards beauty.  You know those gorgeous blonde locks of his?  If you take care of your hair, brush it every day, and apply oil treatments to it on a regular basis, you too can have the luscious mane of a Norse god, and then girls (or ladies) will be fawning all over you.  And if we are being upfront with each other here, anyone who calls him a sissy-girl for that mane of beautiful hair, they will likely end up with a hammer up you know where.

2. Wolverine (James Howlett/Logan) – Oh Hugh Jackman, I mean Wolverine, how you slay me so.  Your inability to remember anything about your past, your giant adamantium claws, your rugged good looks…will you please be my boyfriend?  Ok sure, he might have a bit of a temper, and he has serious authority problems, and he is definitely damaged goods, and lets not forget, if you date him you are likely to end up dead, but I would still risk those claws being stuck through my abdomen for a night out on the town with him. When it comes to fashion, Wolverine has taught me that sometimes the simplest pieces are the best looking. Jeans and a perfectly fitting t-shirt can be a million times better looking than that $400 dress you were eyeing earlier. Especially since you never know if you are going to have to beat up some bad guys and get your clothes dirty and torn up (which can also look quite good, when worn by a rugged man with scruff and epic sideburns).

1. Iron Man (Tony Stark) – Tony Stark, let me count the ways that I love you.  And no, it is not just because you were played by THE Robert Downey Jr. in the recent movies. I love you because you are a bad boy gone good, yet you still don’t give a damn. You save the world, but you don’t let anyone tell you what to do. You don’t play well with others, yet you know how to play. You are both fiercely intelligent and a major nerd, yet you know how to be a playboy and pour on the charm. And dude, of all of the superheroes out there, you are one of the only that was not born with a power, or obtained one later.  Instead, you used your intelligence to create the most epic piece of machinery ever, and become one. That, my friends, is the definition of badass. And in the fashion world, you have taught me that sometimes more really is better. Your suit is ridiculously flashy, over the top, and nowhere near understated or mysterious, and that is what makes it so great. When you walk into a room, all eyes are on you, and you have everyone’s full and complete attention.

Honorable Mentions
Captain America – You make red, white and blue look like something we should all be wearing.
The Hulk – Green can be quite flattering and doesn’t make you always look Irish.
The X-Men – Matching outfits isn’t always just for twins.

Thanks Kate for this awesome post. Who knew that we can get style tips right from the pages of comic books. I also agree that guys with glasses are very sexy. Who knew that prescriptive lenses can be so swoon worthy. Once again thanks and don't forget to check out her blog!


Megan said...

Great post Kate! I love how to combined two of your favourite things and made them relate to each other. You also have great taste in superheros. Batman and Wolverine are two of my favourites!

Taimi said...

I am a Marvel (not DC, please) geek and I love this post! Way to be fashionable AND awesome. I am just going to say I love Wolverine annnd the X-Men ladies. I am Storm every time my boyfriend and I play the old school X-Men game on his Playstation.