Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cause Baby You're A Firework


Cardigan and Purse: Old Navy
Dress: H&M 
How was everyone's 4th? This year I kept my 4th of July festivities local. In the morning, I went to the annual 4th of July parade in Old Town Temecula with my friend Rachel and her son. The last time I was at the parade was when I was high school, so it was nice checking it out again. Later that night we along with her husband, and some of her family headed over to the Ronald Regan Sports Park to check out the fireworks. The park is usually crowed, but this year it more packed than usual. Fireworks started at 9pm and it was an amazing show to watch. I think fireworks in glitter in the sky, but with the after smoke and the possibility of it setting trees on fire. We ended the night with some all-American hamburgers from In-N-Out. All in all, a good 4th of July. 

submarine float

fire truck

military vehicles

A parade isn't complete without a marching band

Giddy up!

my new friend







Megan said...

Your dress is fantastic and it looks like such a cool 4th of July!!! I wish Canada day had as much hoop-la as the 4th of July does!!

Also, I can't help but laugh hysterically at the girl to the right of you in the background of your first picture. For some reason she was the first thing my eyes were drawn too. What a silly face. She must have been caught in the middle of talking or eating something. XD

Stephanie said...

I got unintentionally photo bombed, haha!

Bec said...

cute dress!! love h and m!!! :)

Samantha Marie said...

Oh My Gosh, Great Photos!! :)  The one with the Giddy up caption made me giggle... 

Love your dress! :) 

Kate Olmstead said...

First, I hate you for getting Katy Perry stuck in my head.  Now I am going to be singing that for the rest of the day.

Second, I really love that dress you have on.  It is patriotic, without being too patriotic (though once you add the white cardigan in it is totally all patriotic).

Also, I totally see you made a new friend there.  He is pretty ridiculous...yet awesome.