Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Top: Derek Heart via Ross
Tank (underneath), skirt and belt: Old Navy
Bib Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Payless 


The last time I wore this top, I wore it with jeans and I wasn't too happy with it. So I just left it languishing in my closet. I was actually going to use this top for The Paper Doll Project today, where you pick an item and a fellow blogger creates an outfit for around it. However, I never got a response back from my PDP partner. So Mandy, if you are reading this, I hope everything is ok and hopefully we can do the project on our own time soon. The top was going to be the main piece to style around so I still wore it today. This time I paired it with my trusty denim skirt and I think it looks 100x better.
Also I woke up this morning with a puffy left eyelid. I'm guessing a small but must have bit me cause it hurt like heck and took a while for the puffiness to go away.   
Which is why my eye looks funny in these pictures.


However an awesome thing happened today. I won tickets to go see TV on the Radio in San Diego this weekend. They were supposed to play a couple of weeks ago but had to postpone because their bandmate bassist Gerard Smith passed away from lung cancer, may he rest in peace. They ended up rescheduling it to this weekend and a couple of days ago I saw that the radio station I listen to posted the contest to win tickets. I entered my e-mail address and I didn't think too much of it. I was actually stoked that I got a free song download from it. Fast forward to today and I was checking my e-mail and saw one that said I won the tickets. At first I was excited since I never win giveaways. But then I thought, what if this is some type of scam. So before I replied back I checked out their promotion company's web-site, Twitter and Facebook page and they were legit. I also think this will be my first concert of the year. 
So it looks like things are looking up. 

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Rachel Stevens said...

I love that shirt, it's a lovely pattern. Congratulations on the concert tickets, it's nice that the band are continuing. I hope things are looking up for everyone involved