Friday, May 20, 2011

Friend Friday: Drive Me Crazy

We all enjoy reading blogs, but sometimes there are some things that we wish blogs would or wouldn't do. Which brings us to this weeks Friend Friday question: Blog pet peeves.

This was inspired by a post by Beautifully 
Invisible from a couple weeks ago entitled ‘The 10 things that drive 
me crazy about your blog.’ But before you read it, list the 5 things 
that drive you crazy about blogs you visit.
  • Too many pictures of the same outfit - Twenty pictures of one outfit is excessive especially if half of them are detail shots. I think five pictures is tops.
  • Music that starts playing right away- I don't mind if there is a music playlist on a blog. But please don't have it automatically play when I go to your homepage. This will make me immediately close the browser.
  •  A cluttered layout- When it comes to a blog layout, less is more. I want the focus to be on your writing and your pictures, not the bell and whistles that are on the side columns.
  •  Not proofreading/spelling mistakes- It only takes a few minutes to make sure there are no spelling errors. I usually read my post aloud to catch mistake before I publish it. But if you still find spelling/grammar mistake on my blog, let me know and I'll fix it.
  •  Not being able to comment- I like commenting on blogs whether it's giving feedback or sharing a story. So it's disappointing to find the comment box nowhere to be found.I promise I won't just say "nice outfit!" and then leave my blog url in the comment. I have reformed from those horrible ways.
Check out what other bloggers have to say about this topic over at Modly Chic.


          Kimberlee VDW said...

          Great point about the pictures... I also get sick of the same typical "fashion blogger" poses. Just be yourself!

          Beautifully Invisible said...

          "I promise I won't just say "nice outfit!" and then leave my blog url in the comment. I have reformed from those horrible ways."

          That had me laughing outloud! Great answers. I love your comment regarding the number of photos.  That came up recently on grit and glamour as well.  Quality over quantity is always a good reminder!

          Thank you for the shout-out, I appreciate it!

          Linda said...

           Um, yes. Why, oh why, do people post a DOZEN or more pictures of themselves? At that point, you have to think they just like to see pictures of themselves right? Because most of them are the exact same with their head a quarter of an inch to the left ;)
          And, yes. The proofing. Kills me every time. There is a very prominent blogger who makes a ton of mistakes every post. I no longer follow her.
          You, however, make none of these mistakes!

          Kate Olmstead said...

          Oh goodness I agree with ALL of yours so hard.