Thursday, March 31, 2011

Costumes Maybe Required

In three months, I'll be making my second trek to Comic-Con in San Diego and this year I decided that I want to go in costume for at least two of the four days I'm going to be there. Now the tough thing is decided what I want to dress up as. Here are some costumes I'm considering:

Penny from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

If Penny was a real person, I think she would shop at Anthropologie, ModCloth, and Etsy (where else would she get her knitted arm wamers?) So creating her costume will be easy peasy.
I have two options for Penny:

For the second outfit, I would add something to it. But since it'd be a spoiler, you should watch the web-musical first. 

Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Ok, this would be another easy costume to do since I was her for Halloween. There are just a few things I want to tweek clothing-wise, and it will be perfect.

My costume:

Babydoll from Sucker Punch

I was meh about the movie, but I did like the costumes. Out of the five girls, I would dress up as Babydoll. Take away the katana sword and gun and I can picture her on the stage of a 1930s/1940s musical revue. This might be one of the more popular costumes at this years cons. 

Tinkerballa from The Guild

She's one of the characters of the popular web series The Guild and probably the most likely to give you a mean stink-eye. 

I know there are others that I haven't mentioned,
so who else do you think I should dress up as?


Lydia said...

That sounds like such a blast!! I love your Ramona costume, but I think the BabyDoll one would be really cool too.

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Kate Olmstead said...

Ok, so my gut says to go with Ramona because the costume is so freaking awesome, but I think that Penny would be pretty cool too. Though my worry with Penny would be that people wouldn't be able to tell you were dressed up, just that you looked absolutely adorable.

Also, totally jealous you get to go to Comic Con. I have been wanting to go since I moved out here almost 4 years ago. I am *hoping* that I may be able to get my work to cover the cost of going, especially since it is kind of my industry (I work in the video game industry).

Stephanie said...

I was thinking with Penny if add the shrapnel or stand next to Dr. Horrible or Capt. Hammer, there's quite a few of them roaming around during Comic-Con, maybe people will get who I am. :P
That would be cool if you can go on your companies dime. Does the company you work for also go to E3? I used to know someone that would go for a gaming site they worked for.

Laurel Harrison said...

AHHH I'm so thrilled. COSTUMES ARE MY FAVORITE. (As you know...) I think your Ramona Flowers costume is kickass but it's always, always fun to try something new. I think Penny would be hard to tell unless you wore a HELLO MY NAME IS badge or went WITH someone dressed as Dr. Horrible or Capt. Hammer. Babydoll would be cool but it's prob going to be very popular, as you said. I like: --- awesome costume potential. the skirt is marvelous. pun intended.