Saturday, March 19, 2011

(Belated) Friend Friday: Five Blogging Lessons

Top: Matthew Williamson for H&M
Old Navy Cardigan, Skirt and Flats
Forever 21 Bow Necklace
American Eagle Outfitters Rhinestone Necklace


Today my outfit tried to outwit the weather, but it failed. After a couple of great weeks of warm weather it was cold today and I wished I put some tights on. I shouldn't complain because I did stay inside (was at work) for most of the day. 

Since I didn't post yesterday, my Friend Friday is a day late.
But better late than never, right?

5 Things I Have Learned About Blogging
  1. Blog What Interests You - Makes it a little bit easier writing posts when it's something you really like. If you start writing only to gain followers/sponsors, you'll not only loose your voice, but interest in blog writing. 
  2. Join the Community- I've been blogging for three years, but didn't really get involved in the blogging community until last year. I have corresponded with some awesome bloggers and discovered new blogs by participating in the 30x30 or EBEW. I've also been better at posting comments on other blogs and using Twitter to chat with other bloggers. It's because of Twitter that I got the chance to do my first guest blog post.
  3. Followers Aren't Everything- This really got me down when I first started blogging. I had very small readership and was envious of other bloggers that had a ton of followers. I brought myself back down to reality realizing that if I just be myself and post for the fun of it, the ones that like reading what I have to say will stick around.
  4. Don't Be A Blogging Hermit - Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don't always have to stay home where there are adventures to be made. This is something I really should do. What I would write about if I just stayed home all day? The tree in the front yard grew two inches today. I think not.
  5. Be Careful What You Write About- Last year, I dipped my foot in the personal info arena and I wrote some things regarding a relationship I was in. Granted I didn't use names and it was more of a thought process at the time. But they read it and I got called out on it. I don't regret writing it because it's what I genuinely felt at that moment. But really think about what you are posting if you do have family, friends, significant others read your blog and it's about them. Once you post it and someone sees it, you can't really take it back.
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Sands said...

Love these tips. It's true, you gotta blog about what you love! And numbers will always be just numbers.

PS: Love how you mixed prints in this ensemble! That MW top is gorgeous!


Bemily said...

I love the pattern mixing here. I was just cruising through my Google Reader and I had to pop in. Oh and the belt, the belt is awesome too.

Vanessa said...

I love the pretty mix of prints going on here! You look adorable!
And, I love the recap of blogging lessons. I agree about the followers bit! It's so nice to have regular commenters, but you just can't tell by sheer numbers/volume what kind of an impact you're making.! Plus, it takes a while to build any kind of audience, i think!
Thanks, too for your kind comments on my Fashion Police post. I love how you summarized it! Very well put!