Saturday, March 5, 2011

28 Days Later

30x30 Items:
5) Old Navy Swiss Dot Top
16) Express Cardigan
13) Old Navy Black Skirt
28) Trouve Flats

The Icing:
Old Navy Belt

Two more outfits to go. Whoot! The weather was also really nice today. Unfortunately for me, I had to work so I couldn't really enjoy it. Then I hear it's supposed to rain tomorrow night through Monday. Blerg. At least I have Monday to tweak on my blog layout. Thanks for a few tutorials, I have a new and improved blog header and I have fancy font. 
Hopefully I can get everything else done by the end of next week.


Vanessa said...

That backdrop is amazingly awesome~! I also adore your necklace charm!

Bemily said...

How have I never noticed you put your accessories under "icing?" I flippin love that.