Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sleepy Head

30 for 30:
Banana Republic Pink Houndstooth Top
Old Navy Jean Skirt
Reflections Brown Boots
The Icing:
Old Navy Gold Braided Belt
Vintage Cuff Bracelet won on Ebay
Brown Tights (unknown)

Staying up until 1-2am and having to wake up at 5am the past two days has finally caught up with me. I'm so tired. I almost fell asleep while my stylist was washing my hair. I got my haircut today. Nothing drastic, just a trim. When my mom saw my hair, I think she was expecting it be short. Sometimes getting a haircut doesn't equate to chopping it all off. Maybe I'll cut it short again. But for now, I'm keeping it long. I might even try to let it grow another two inches. 
Ok, off to bed. Have the next two days off and I'm going to need a lot of energy to get some of my looming chores done.

1 comment:

Sands said...

Love this look! Especially that cute little braided belt detail!! :)