Monday, December 20, 2010

Singing In The Rain

Jacket: Hillard and Hanson (from the now gone Meryvns) via my mom
Shirt, Tank Top, and Jeans: Old Navy
Cowl Neck Scarf: Gap
Feather Headband: Forever 21
Toile Mary Janes: Doc Martins via Ross
Umbrella: Old Navy

It's been raining like crazy for the past few days, can't you tell by the puddles in the pictures? I took these pics at the sports park by my old house. I used the rain as an opportunity to take outfit pics in public for the first time since the park would be empty, give and take a few runners. It wasn't too bad and eventually I won't feel like a dork taking outfit pics in public. Also when I get my next camera, which will probably be soon since mine is starting to crap out on me, I'm getting one that comes with a wireless remote and continuous shots. The bottoms of my jeans not to mention my socks, got damp after having to run back and forth to take pics.

I've had this jacket sitting in my closet for the longest time and after the challenge I vowed to wear items that still have tags attached. My tank top had ruffles and originally I was going to have it peek over my shirt and jacket. Then I realized with the blue velvetish blazer and the white ruffles, I was channeling this...

Yeah baby? Not exactly my sartorial inspiration, so I just threw on the cowl neck scarf.
Which is not only fashionable but functional.  
Have you ever accidently created an outfit from an unlikely source?

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Laurel Harrison said...

I love that last shot; it's so exciting and wonderful. :) Good call on the anti-Austin Powers look because that circle scarf lends a whole lot of visual interest to the look. Merry Christmas!