Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simple Seven

 30 for 30 Items:
Gap Outlet Purple Top
Old Navy Denim Skirt
Reflections Black Boots
The Icing:
Forever 21 Necklace and headband
Charlotte Russe Ring
Kohl's Watch

7 days down with 23 left to go. I think this week I'm going to get more creative with my outfits. Plus with the impending weather changes, (I heard there's rain on the horizon) I'm going to put my scarves to good use.
As for the shopping thing, I actually have the will power not to do it. I haven't bought a single item of clothing in the past week and I don't miss it at all. It is better to work with what I have in my closet than to spend it on something you don't really need with money that could probably be put to better use.
Now I'll just have to do a massive closet purge once the 30 for 30 is done.

1 comment:

Bren said...

How fun Stephanie! I could never do this challenge because I basically wear black leggings to work everyday! Ahahaha! How boring would that be? (ok, maybe not everyday, but almost!)

You look so good in color! Love the purple top on you, and your boots are super cool!

Sorry I've been a little MIA, but NY and bday took it's toll! Bear with me while I catch up. :) Hope all is good in your world!