Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pattern Play

30 for 30 Items:
Old Navy Grey Leopard Cardigan, American Eagle Outfitters Floral Dress, Reflections Black Boots
The Icing:
Purple Tights and Gold Bow Belt: Old Navy 
Watch: Kohls
Flower Ring: Forever 21

 I was going to pair this dress with my go to jean jacket, like I did this time. But after reading Kendi's post this morning about breaking fashion rules, I decided to break some myself which resulted in this pairing. The cardigan is neutral enough that it doesn't clash with the dress. Also the cold weather decided to make it's way back to Southern California, so I broke out my purple tights.

So besides trying to come up with 30 creative outfits out of 30 pieces, I have also been catching up on my Netflix queue. Finally. Last week my brother let me use his wii system in exchange of him being able to watch shows/movies on my account. I call that a fair trade since my hand-me-down computer is slowly starting to fail on me and it's much easier to watch my instant Netflix shows on the wii. You want to know the first thing I watched? Season 3 of The Hills. Yeah I'm lame like that.
Now I'm getting my inner, I mean outer, geek on and so far I have watched season 2 of Buffy of the Vampire Slayer, (side note: the last time I watch this season was back high school and I forgot how sad the second half of the season was. I needed a box of tissues by the end of it.) and Season 1 of Dr. Who, which I finally got around to watching and I really like.

What shows are currently on your Nexfilx queue?


Laurelann said...

I LOVE (!!!) the pattern mixing with the gold belt. How did you find a dress and tights that match so perfectly? That's super cool.

My husband and I watched every episode of every season of Buffy via Netflix and we're mid-season 2 of Angel right now. We're losers, yes. Also, I love Xander and Oz and Spike WAY more than I could EVER love Edward and Jacob (although I moderately like them).


alltumbledown said...

Love the patterns here! Pattern mixing is one of my favorite things I've learned since starting to blog.

I am waiting until after grad school apps are done to start Netflixing, but Buffy is on my queue, too!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

I think you did a great job playing with patterns here!! :)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Soo cute! This makes me want to try the challenge myself!

I recently got a twitter. I'll have to follow you!